New Exchange Partners

Criteria for Establishing New Exchange Partner

  • Verify school/location does not already exist. Check the Exchange Partner list
  • Is this a school we should consider being affiliated with? Consider the reputation of the school and the rankings of their engineering departments/
  • How many partners do we currently have in the same country, region, city? Do we need another?
  • Consider current faculty involvement with school. Is there any existing formal relationship/agreement?
  • What is the potential interest of UIUC students? Are courses taught in English?
  • Will program be open to all engineering areas/departments?
  • Does the program benefit UIUC College of Engineering and our students?


Process to Establish a New Exchange Partner

  • Submit proposal that includes the above information to the Director of International Programs in Engineering.
  • Director will consider proposal and follow-up with a questionnaire requesting specific details about the proposed partner university.
  • If proposal is accepted, the Director will initiate the process to establish an exchange agreement. Faculty will be consulted during agreement negotiations.
  • Once agreement is final, IPENG will create a program application.


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