Orientation Course

Study Abroad participants are required to complete the LAS 291 and LAS 292 orientation courses.  The Orientation Course Requirement takes part in three phases across a 2 course sequence in the following order:

  1. Pre-Departure: LAS 291: Global Perspectives for Intercultural Learning is completed the term immediately prior to your program’s term abroad. It is an 8 week,  0 credit hour course (S/U).
  2. In-Country: LAS 292: Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural Contexts begin during your term abroad.
  3. Re-Entry: LAS 292 continues through the semester you return to campus and is 1 credit hour (letter grade) course.

The content of the course is based on extensive research on education abroad, standards of best practice and is intended to help you make the most of your experience, personally, academically and professionally.

The amount of work required to be successful in this course is comparable to any 1 hour course on campus, but is spread out over 3 phases. Please see the expectations page for a summary of what the sequence entails.

It works. However, it only works if you do the work. You will get as much out of this course as you put into it, just as you will get as much out of your experience abroad as you put into it. We expect you to be an active agent in this course, and in your experience abroad. Even if you are going to a place with which you are already familiar – this course will help you benefit from that experience, if you let it.

Once you are committed to your program:

You will automatically be registered in LAS 291. The majority of 291 is online, but there will be some in-person sessions depending on your program’s sponsor.

Once you have completed LAS 291:

You will automatically be enrolled in LAS 292, where you will complete requirements 100% online while abroad and both online and in-person upon return.

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