International Minor Enrollment

To Enroll in the International Minor:

  1. Choose a country or region of study from the IM listing provided.  If a particular area of interest is not in the listing, feel free to speak with IPENG to discuss development options.
  2. Complete the “Intent to Add a Minor” form to officially place this on your DARs record.
  3. Plan the courses that you will take, and keep in mind how they may fulfill some general education requirements.  You may need to consult your academic advisor and/or IPENG staff.
  4. Visit with IPENG staff to review and complete the International Minor in Engineering Planning Form. This form must be approved and signed by an IPENG staff member.
  5. Obtain information and plan your international experience by:
    • Visiting the IPENG Office, 210 Engineering Hall and/or the Study Abroad Office, for the programs available that pertain to your region of study or
    • Looking at the study abroad website to review a wide variety of programs available.
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